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Our Story

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From Our Home to Yours

Lynda's African Delicacies began in the owner, Lynda's home kitchen in Irvine, California. Lynda was running her thriving hair braiding business from home, where she would often share her delicious home-cooked meals with friends and clients. Lynda realized she had a knack for creating delicious authentic meals and decided to open a food truck. Following the success of her food truck, Lynda then expanded to the fantastic restaurant we know today.

A Taste of Africa in Every Bite

At Lynda's African Delicacies, we pride ourselves on our ability to bring traditional and native food from the beautiful continent of Africa. If your looking for a unique experience and delectable authentic cuisine, look no further! We understand that some may be new to the wonders of African cuisine, so our friendly staff is here to help answer any questions you may have. Delightfully savory and seasoned to perfection, Lynda's African Delicacies will soon be, if not already, your go-to for authentic cuisine.

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Made to Order &
Delivered at Your Door

We now offer delivery via Uber Eats and Postmates. Click on the delivery option below.

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